Noemnoem Jewellery

Jewellery inspired by nature made with

 real plants, flowers, fynbos and lichen.


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About Noemnoem Jewellery

Noemnoem Jewellery has always been immersed in the story of nature, with its beauty and mystery being a central and unchanging source of creativity to the artist and owner, Mariet.

Mariet grew up in the picturesque Jonkershoek valley, just outside of Stellenbosch. Her childhood home was nestled in a beautifully wild forest, between trees and ferns. She grew up with a deep fascination and love for the natural world in which she was fortunate to spend her days playing, wandering, collecting and creating.

After her studies at Stellenbosch University (Visual Communication Design) wanderlust kicked in and she set her sights on international adventures. During her years abroad she traveled all over the world with her wonderful husband, always seeking to spend time in the diverse beauty of nature.

The journey of Noemnoem Jewellery started when Mariet lived in a bustling city in China, a proper 'concrete jungle'. The city was beautiful in its own right, but the disconnectedness from nature was an aspect that she could never get used to. Whilst exploring local parks and mountain paths, Mariet would carefully select and collect tiny pieces of flowers, mosses and plants to take back to her apartment to dry. She always tried to bring some of the peace and beauty of nature into her home.

Mariet came across the medium of working with resin and was instantly fascinated by the idea of capturing the natural world in miniature. What appealed even more was the fact that this world in miniature could then be carried around, kept close, admired and loved. And so the journey of Noemnoem Jewellery started, in a little apartment on the 37th floor of a skyscraper in China.

As all creative processes go, the artist played, experimented and learned along the way. With each creation new and interesting ways of capturing the natural world was perfected. Since returning to South Africa, Noemnoem Jewellery has truly come home. The absolute abundance of our spectacular nature with all of the diverse fynbos, flowers and fungi has been a continued inspiration. Noemnoem Jewellery was started so that others could share in the wonderful beauty of the artist's creations, which is simply nature's beauty captured in an exquisite moment.

The pieces we create are hand made and just as unique as the environments from which they come. No two pieces are the same! Growing up so close to nature has influenced Mariet's way of relating to the natural world and our natural resources, she is passionate about sustainability and tries her best to use sustainable environmentally friendly methods, from manufacturing to packaging.  

Our work is made from eco-friendly epoxy resin and real silver so that our jewellery can be cherished for years. We do our best to source our materials sustainably, taking great care to cause no harm to the environment. Throughout our manufacturing processes we support local small businesses and continually focus on finding ways to work in harmony with nature.



Greyton, Overberg, Western Cape, South Africa

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